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Frequently Asked Question's

In the Bangin’ Blog as a whole, you will get plenty of articles overtime. These articles will generally be quite detailed as we are wanting to try to fill in a lot of the holes that are out there in the beard care world. We also want to provide some history of beards, address myths if they are true or not and generally speaking make the bearded world a more understood place.

But of course, we understand that not everyone is looking for that detail all the time. There are times where you will want a shorter answer for one or two questions you have and don't want to read a whole article to get it. That's where this post comes in. Here is where we will try to give you the shorter but still detailed answers to the most FAQ's that we receive here. Hopefully by doing this one, it will help to quickly address some of those questions you have.

Q. What is the difference between beard Oil, Butter and Balm?

A. All have their place in the beard care world, and all are good for your beard in their own way. It may be obvious but Oil is arguably the most important product you can put in your beard. It is almost exclusively for lubricating and nourishing your skin and beard and helping the health of it all. Balm as a product is more used for styling, with it giving you the best hold of the three, normally having a higher wax content in comparison to the others, but still provides some moisture and a good amount of nutrition for your beard. Butters are basically the middle ground. As the name suggests, they tend to have more 'butters' in the recipe to help with the nourishment. With it not being quite as nourishing as oil but more so than balm, and with better styling element than oil but not quite as much as balm. However, with butters and balms, what you get tends to differ from brand to brand. With some brands, their butters may have more wax in it so it's closer to the typical balm, or with balms having a slightly less wax ratio so it's closer to butters.

Q. What should I use first, Oil or Balm?

A. Oil first, without question. Oil is meant for your skin, just as much, if not more than for your beard. So you want to get that right down to the base without anything in the way. If you do balm first, with its wax content it can slightly cap the skin and beard, stopping as many of the nutrients and lubrication from the oil getting in. Whereas if you do the balm second it will help lock in any of the oils nutrients and moisture on your beard, which will let the benefits last longer.