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About us

Bangin' Beards is a Glasgow based company providing high quality, natural, handcrafted beard products. In 2014, Thomas began experimenting with different natural ingredients in his search for the perfect beard oil and balm. Fast forward a few years, and he has now perfected a full range of  products tailored for both the skin and beard. Products are all handmade with high quality, natural ingredients and are prefect for those with sensitive skin. Say goodbye to that itchy beard druff and scraggy beard, and hello to a soft, healthy face of hair! Our products are NEVER tested on animals, however they are thoroughly tested on fellow bearded men! Our full range is all safety tested and certified to comply with UK and EU regulations.

"Having a bit of a curly beard, I always struggled to find the right product for my beard. Finding a scent I really liked for both oils and balms was a challenge, but above all, I simply couldn't find a product that felt right once applied. The oils I tried were too oily and didn't do much for me. When it came to the balm, I could never find one able to maintain a strong hold throughout the day, whilst also keeping my beard soft. 


After around 2 years of experimenting, I came up with the right recipe that both me and my beard were happy with! It not only left my beard smelling great, but more importantly, felt and looked Bangin"

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