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Oils, the foundation of every beard care routine. You hear about it from friends, you pass it in shops and you see it online. But there's so many questions that can come with oils; Do we need to use it? What is it for? How and when do I apply them? What is the difference between store bought brands and specialist brands?

All these and more can come into the mind of someone new on their beard journey. But more often than you think, people quite far in their bearded life want to know a bit more about it all as well. In this article I will try and answer some of the common questions you may have. I may do a second part to this at some point, especially if we get a lot of follow up questions, but for now I'll cover some key points.

So for starters, I'll go with the most common thing I see online that stirs up debates, but when explained enough, it answers itself.

Do we need to use oils and why?

So, you technically don't need it. I know, that's a bit of a confusing start to all this isn't it? Why are we even here then? But if you haven't heard it already, it is something you will definitely hear at some point. The thing is, in some senses it is true, as you can grow a beard without it and a lucky few are blessed with good genetics that there may not be many repercussions with not using a beard oil. But if you are serious about growing a beard then you very much should use it, as the health of your beard and skin will not be near its best if you didn't.

The reason why it's debated over, is that some people (correctly) point out that your skin produces its own natural oil like substance. This oil is called Sebum Oil, it is produced from the Sebaceous Glands (hence the name) under the surface of the skin. This is the natural oil your whole body produces, from your head down, to help nourish the skin and hairs, although it is normally noticed more in your head and face.

The sebaceous glands are normally attached to the hair follicle, which helps your skin and coat the beard hairs as they grow. Your head produces far more of this oil than your face does which is why oil is often not needed to be applied on head hair (although it still can be).

At the stage of short - long stubble, unless you've got naturally dry skin, you probably won't be needing to apply much oil for some of the reasons you would have with a longer beard, as the sebum oil you produce will likely be enough to lubricate your skin and hair. However