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Argan & Charcoal Bar Wash

Argan & Charcoal Bar Wash


Our Argan and Charcoal Bar Wash is perfect for cleansing your beard and suitable for all! 


Activated Charcoal is an amazing ingredient for cleansing your skin. It helps remove any impurities in your skin by gently dislodging them whilst you wash. It will absorb any excess oils leaving you with your skins natural oils. This helps settle the skin by easing itchiness and irritation, making this one great to combat beardruff. 


Argan Oil is another amazing ingredient for both your skin and hair. With a high Vitamin E &  fatty acid content, this oil is excellent for repairing damaged skin whilst providing it with nutrients to prevent further dryness and irritation. Argan Oil helps moisturize your hair and keep it soft whilst protecting it from everyday damage. 

There's a reason its also known as Liquid Gold! 


Our Argan & Charcoal Bar Wash is unscented allowing you to follow up with your grooming needs by adding your preferred Bangin' Beard Oil or Balm.

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